Proof of delivery (POD)

About Proof Of Delivery (POD)

  • P​OD is the receipt sign​ed by a recipi​​ent, confirming​​​​ delivery of a product.​​
  • Unm​atched-Corresponding​ invoice cannot find in our system.​​
  • Undelivered- Product is not delivered within th​e given time, absence of customer.
  • Partially Delivered-In the product list some items are not delivered.
  • Waiting for Confirmation-Waiting for invoice from D​​river.
  • Delivered and Matched-Product is delivered and the invoice is matching.
  • View the Undelivered, Partial and Delivered product details click on the delivery order number
  • About Proof Of Delivery (POD)
    Proof Of Delivery (POD)

    Proof Of Delivery (POD)

    Total Visibility Of Delivery Operations

    Paperless solution designed to provide complete visibility of delivery operations through Mobile/Web application. All delivery activity is tracked, with Proof of Delivery including features such as

    • Electronic signature capture
    • Robust portal for viewing delivery status and ETA in real-time
    • GPS tracking of your fleet
    • Route management including Planned vs. Actual analysis
    • On-line access to delivery status for your customers


    FleetNexG electronic Proof of Delivery solution manages delivery and collection processes, by providing a simple way of tracking activity, managing tasks and communicating with drivers.

    Proof of Delivery can be operated through the FleetNexG Mobile Application, using any Android smart-phone through our FleetNexG App(available from the Google Play store) and with devices running the Windows Mobile operating system with our Mobile Workforce Solution.

    FleetNexG Proof of Delivery technology supports functionality such as sign-on glass, bar-code scanning and image capture, improving the accuracy of delivery information and reducing administration.



    FleetNexG Key Benefits of Electronic Proof of Delivery functionality

    • Improve delivery accuracy
    • Reduce paperwork
    • Reduce administration and management overhead
    • Enhance customer service
    • Reduce returns
    • Enhance driver communications
    • Improve task management
    • Full third party pod traceability


    FleetNexG Key Features in Electronic Proof of Delivery functionality specially designed for our users

    • Paperless solution
    • Full manifest availability
    • Integrated phone book & messaging
    • Satellite/guided navigation
    • Risk assessment & site notes
    • Debrief on the go
    • Comprehensive task management
    • Bar-code scanning
    • Image & signature capture
    • Multi-os: android and windows mobile
    • Multi-platform: smart phone & tablet