About Us

Our History

Traditionally the logistics, travel and transportation industry used legacy system which presently does not match with the current needs and requirements. Competition has intensified in this industry. Consequently these organization were forced either to adopt or perish. Manual task needed to be automated. Technological advancements in RFID, barcodes have definitely and positively helped. Smart logistics system or system designed and developed by professionals is the need of the hour. FleetnexG is developed by veterans and experts of the industry is the answer to challenges which this industry is now encountering.

Our Product

We are the market leaders in providing a total and comprehensive solution for the logistics, travel and transportation industry. Experts in the industry, we have the knowledge and understanding to bring efficiency to your company and increase your productivity from day one. Our new generation solution is robust, easy to use, and highly customizable and can be quickly deployed in any environment. The product is platform agnostic. No additional hardware investment is required.

Our Services

We provide a highly comprehensive and extensive range of services. These services we designed around the customer organization. This required us to initially fully understand and comprehend their needs and requirements. Routing and scheduling, documentation management services, performance monitoring and measurement and just a few range of services offered. We are reliable professionals dedicated in delivering premium services to our customers. We take pride and honor in unique capability and achievement.